Is my blue pole the same/use the replacement pieces/use the same tools as your green poles?

If your product has blue accent pieces (tip, collars, handles, etc.) it is part of Unger’s retail line—meaning it is sold in storefronts such as Lowe’s, Home Depot, Walmart, etc. We do not carry the retail line from Unger. We carry the commercial line of telescopic poles from Unger, with green accent pieces, as they appear on the Unger Cleaning website.

The replacement parts are not interchangeable between the two. Most tools will be interchangeable, but any tools on the Unger Cleaning website that attach with the locking button (most of the dusters, Ninja tools, the VisaVersa, etc.) won't lock onto the blue pole tip.

Our suggestion would be to contact the same store you purchased your product from for replacement parts. Otherwise, you can contact Unger directly.

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