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Unger SmartColor™ Micro Mop Pad 15.0 MM40

Unger SmartColor™ Micro Mop Pad 15.0 MM40

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The SmartColor™ Micro Mop Pad 15.0 is easy to use wet or dry. This mop pad feature aggressive cleaning edges that clean with less water, less streaking, and less effort. Reduces bacteria by up to 96%. Absorbs 6x own weight for effective liquid pickup and retention as well as easy rinsing. Long lasting and durable, the Micro Mop 15.0 can withstand up to 500 wash cycles. Choose a color for designated area or task to coordinate with the Unger SmartColor™ system.

Use this mop with the Unger SmartColor™ EZ Flat Mop Holder (sold separately).

Use the heavy duty 15mm pile for stone and tile floors with grout lines. Also available in 7mm.

Size: 16 inch

Available in Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue.

Unger Part Nos. MM40R, MM40Y, MM400, MM40B

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