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Unger ErgoTec™ Ninja Scraper Holster ONLY

Unger ErgoTec™ Ninja Scraper Holster ONLY

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SKU: U-HT150

This is the Unger ErgoTec™ Ninja Scraper Holster. It’s designed to hold both the 4 and 6 inch versions of the Ninja scraper.

Lock your scraper in the holster in seconds. The Easy Clip secures the handle in place and prevents it from falling out. Made of durable, solid plastic with stainless steel insert to withstand frequent contact with a sharp blade. It also protects the user from cuts to legs and hands.

The holster is compatible with most 4 to 6 inch scrapers on the market, both flat and angled.

This is the holster ONLY. See the related items below for scraper.

Unger Part No. HT150

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