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Unger Excella™ Floor Cleaning Kit, 18 Inch

Unger Excella™ Floor Cleaning Kit, 18 Inch

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Clean and finish floors twice as fast!

Professionals trust Unger because they’ve been delivering on their promise of Quality Tools for Smart Cleaning for over 50 years. Their tools are second to none.

An independent study by ManageMen, Inc. concluded that the Unger Excella™ system cleaning 4,878 square feet per hour, compared to just 2,564 square feet per hour with a 24oz string mop, nearly DOUBLING EFFICIENCY!

Additionally, the Unger Excella™ system allows you to:

  • Achieve a healthier level of clean with a microfiber-based mopped system.
  • Ease back-breaking work with an innovative ergonomic design.
  • Increase cleaning speed with a self-steering pole and the elimination of buckets.
  • Clean a wide variety of spaces with enhanced system portability and size options.

This kit is perfect for home owners or professionals alike, and those with any level of floor cleaning skills.

What comes in the Unger Excella™ Floor Cleaning Kit, 18 Inch?

This kit includes the following items:

  • (1) Excella™ Offset Pole with Actuator
  • (1) Excella™ Mop Pad Holder, 18 Inch
  • (2) Excella™ Cleaning Mop Pad, 20 Inch
  • (1) Excella™ Bottle, Large 1L
  • (1) Excella™ Bottle, Small 0.5L

There are several different Unger Excella™ system kits available, depending on your cleaning needs. See the related items below for the other kit options available.


  • Clean and finish floors in half the time!
  • Microfiber mopping system with deep cleaning microfiber pads that are 80% lighter than string mops.
  • The only adjustable height pole (from 48 to 65 inches) with liquid dispensing for increased speed and comfort.
  • Rubber coated, non-slip, dual-swivel handles and s-curve pole self-guide, allowing you to clean faster with less effort.
  • Quick-change bottle to maximize efficiency and eliminate buckets.

Why should you choose the Unger Excella™ system?

This kit is perfect for professionals or home owners alike, those with lots of experience or none at all. Made up of professional grade tools for long life even with heavy everyday use, this kit will last and make you look like a professional while you work.

The Unger Excella™ system has a number of benefits:

  • Faster, time-saving
  • Safer, more ergonomic
  • More effective
  • Less wasted solution
  • Less trash from disposable pads
  • Washable, reusable, long-life mop pads
  • Easy to change solution bottles

Replacement Excella™ mop pads are available separately. Replace worn out mop pads, or add more mop pads to clean more areas between wash cycles. See the related items below.

Still have questions?

Unsure about which system is the right one for you? We’re happy to help!

Give us a call, and we’ll help you build your perfect kit.

Unger Part No. EFKT1

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