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Unger HARD Replacement Squeegee Rubber (Gross Pack)

Unger HARD Replacement Squeegee Rubber (Gross Pack)

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Quality rubber for professional window cleaning!

Unger makes high quality squeegee rubber used by professionals. Regular replacement of your squeegee rubbers is the best way to maintain flawless cleaning results. Replacing your squeegee rubber with Unger HARD Replacement Squeegee Rubber will always result in streak-free windows.

  • HARD quality rubber
  • Ideal for warmer temperatures
  • Optimum liquid removal on large, flat surfaces
  • Coated with talcum to ensure freshness

HARD rubber is preferable in hot, humid weather, as the firmer formula stays stiffer even on hot windows in direct sunlight.

The Unger HARD Replacement Squeegee Rubber is available in a number of pre-cut sizes. The Unger HARD Replacement Squeegee Rubber is sold here in gross (144) packs. This rubber is shipped in a handy storage box.

Available in 10, 14, 18, 22, and 36 inch pre-cut sizes.

For smaller quantities, check out our Unger HARD Replacement Squeegee Rubber in dozen (12) packs.

Why choose Unger HARD Rubber?

Unger was founded over 50 years ago in Germany by Henry Unger, a professional window cleaner. Henry started designing cleaning products for professional use, and his company has grown to be an international market leader in the professional cleaning industry. Unger still works with Henry’s core values as their basis for business to design and provide products that make the cleaning experience cleaner, faster, and safer.

Unger offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee against any manufacturer defects, and here at Detroit Sponge we honor that guarantee. We’ll work with you to return or replace any item that doesn’t meet your highest expectations.

What squeegee channels will the Unger HARD rubber fit?

All of Unger’s squeegee rubber is round on the top. So it fits most brands of professional squeegees. It fits brass, stainless steel, and aluminum squeegees. It’s not compatible with Sorbo squeegees.

The Unger HARD Replacement Squeegee Rubber is square cut on the ends.

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