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Unger HydroPower Ultra DI Resin

Unger HydroPower Ultra DI Resin

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The Unger HydroPower Ultra DI Resin is replacement DI Resin for the new and improved Unger HydroPower Ultra systems.

These bags are premium ultra DI resin for 30% more Pure Water output compared to the original HydroPower bags. They are color coded and feature a KeyLock system to assist with proper DI resin installation.

Be sure to order the correct bags, depending on which system you have.

If you have a 1-Stage HydroPower Ultra system:

  • (1) 1-Stage bag, use part no. UHPR1
  • (3) 1-Stage bags, use part no. UHPR2

If you have a 3-Stage HydroPower Ultra system:

  • (3) 3-Stage bags, use part no. UHPR3
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