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Unger HydroPower Ultra nLite Gen 1 Kits

Unger HydroPower Ultra nLite Gen 1 Kits

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Pure Water is the fastest and most effecient way to clean outdoor glass surfaces. With Unger's cutting-edge HydroPower Ultra and nLite technologies, there is a Pure Water solution for every facility's needs. The HydroPower Ultra is the most efficient DI Pure Water system on the market, far exceeding standard efficiency. It is even more efficient than the original HydroPower. The HiFlo nLite waterpoles offer a perfect balance of weight and rigidity and Unger's super-light water fed brushes make quick work of even the toughest buildup.

The Unger HydroPower Ultra Kits are non-powered, DI-only, with Unger's no-mess improved Ultra DI resin bags. These is the perfect kits for those who are just starting to clean with Pure Water, use Pure Water infrequently, work with water with low levels of TDS, and work at low to medium work heights (55 feet or less).

Choose the perfect configuration for your needs. All of these kits are ready to use out of the box. Just add a standard garden hose to hook up to a water source and start cleaning.

These kits are available in four different configurations.

The Professional 55 Foot Kit w/3-Stage Cart -- Unger Part No. UHPK4

  • Unger HydroPower Ultra 3-stage w/Cart
    • HiFlo nLite HiMod Master Pole (22 feet, 4-section)
    • (3) HiFlo nLite HiMod Extension Poles (11 feet, 2-section)
    • HiFlo Control Valve
    • 82 feet of hose
    • 8 inch MultiLink gooseneck
    • 11 inch radius brush
    • Extra pair of Fan Jets with brush connections kits
    • Carrying Bag

    Unger Part Nos. UHPK4

    Please Note: Unger recently introduced the NEW nLITE Gen 2 series. So these nLite Gen 1 kits are being discontinued. The two 33 foot kits are no longer available. We're working to keep this listing updated, but please call us with questions about availability. See the related items below.

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