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Unger Limited Edition Ninja Transformer Box w/FREE Ninja Buff! -- LIMITED DISC

Unger Limited Edition Ninja Transformer Box w/FREE Ninja Buff! -- LIMITED DISC

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Get yours while they last!

Don’t miss your chance to be a hero everyday with Unger’s NEW Limited Edition Ninja Transformer Box! Grab your box now before they're gone. There will only be a limited number of these boxes made.

This box is a great deal too. It contains $167.80 in tools when purchased individually.

Limited to quantity of 5 per customer.

The Ninja Transformer Box contains four limited edition items:

Limited Edition 14 inch Ninja t-bar w/Black Series Power Washer Sleeve

Add style and power to your scrubber! The Ninja T-bar is a combo of green and black with a swivel. The Black Series Power washer sleeve is a dense microfiber scrubber, giving you extra scrubbing action for difficult debris.

Limited Edition 14 inch Ninja Squeegee 40° w/Green Power Rubber

This custom color Ninja handle will stand out from the crowd! This is a 14-inch Ninja squeegee with a limited edition green swivel handle. Loaded with the highly sought after Green Power Rubber from Unger, this squeegee will give you durability, style, and the envy of your colleagues.

Limited Edition 5 foot Carbonfiber Telescopic Pole, 2-sections

Light, rigid carbonfiber construction that's smooth in the hand with a special finishing to the sections. This carbonfiber pole is 5 feet and collapses to about 3 feet. Complete with the Unger locking cone tip, this pole is extra handy to get you where you need to reach with any window cleaning tool.

Limited Edition 1.5 inch Black Glass Scraper w/Green Plastic Blade

Who does not love their tools to match! This little scraper is Ninja black and comes with a green plastic blade. The 1.5 inch plastic blade is perfect for use on sensitive surfaces, but it can easily be swapped out for a standard metal 1.5 inch blade for tougher debris.

BONUS!! FREE Limited Edition Ninja Buff!

Get a free buff with a purchase of the Unger Ninja Transformer Box from Detroit Sponge. Wear it as a mask, a neckerchief, hair tie, headband, or anything you can think of. Look like an Unger pro!

Unger Part No. NJBOX

Please Note: This kit is LIMITED EDITION and is only available while in stock quantities last.

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