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Unger MicroWipe 4000 Heavy Duty MF40

Unger MicroWipe 4000 Heavy Duty MF40

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Laboratory tests show that microfiber cleaning cloths reduce surface debris while lowering bacteria levels by over 96%. Mold, bacteria and soil are removed and captured thanks to its unique construction. The US Green Building Council specifies microfiber products as part of their standards because they conserve water, reduce the use of disposable products and require fewer harsh chemicals.

The MicroWipe™ Microfiber Cloth systems are ideal for dusting, polishing, and scrubbing. There are four different grades to choose from to make these wipes ideal for any task. All the MicroWipe™ cloths feature:

  • double-stitched edges to withstand repeated washing cycles and tough cleaning applications
  • fabric that can absorb over six times its own weight in water and collects fine dust through a static charge when used dry
  • a color-coded system to reduces cross-contamination, improve performance, and lead to cleaner facilities
  • Cleans industrial soil loads - oils, dry dust, embedded soils
  • Maximum absorbency
  • Wash Cycles: 1,500
  • Designed for facilities that clean in multiple shifts and 7 days a week
  • Manufactured to withstand heavy-duty commercial washing cycles
  • Highest quality superior-grade textile
  • Extended product life - lower long-term cost

  • The 4000 Heavy Duty series is the strongest grade available.

    Size: 16"x15"/40x38cm

    Available in green, blue, red, and yellow.

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