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Unger nLITE® Carbon 24K Telescopic Waterpole, 20 Foot 4-section

Unger nLITE® Carbon 24K Telescopic Waterpole, 20 Foot 4-section

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Cleaning safely from the ground has never been this powerful!

Unger’s Generation 2 nLITE® waterpole system exemplifies innovation and high quality. Pure Water is the fastest and most efficient way to clean outdoor glass surfaces, and Unger’s lightweight and rigid nLITE® waterpoles keep workers safe on the ground.

The Unger nLITE® Carbon 24K telescopic waterpole is made of light and rigid premium carbonfiber. This is a single, complete pole totaling 20 feet and 4-sections, giving it a total reach of up to 25 feet.


  • No twisting: trouble-free work and less wear tear
  • Optimal stability-to-weight ratio
  • Greater pole rigidity
  • More precise control of the cleaning movement

Precision Pole Grip Form

  • Innovative, unique pole shape and optimal diameter that fits comfortably in your hand
  • Ergonomic workings to make the best use of your strength
  • Precise control of the cleaning movement
  • Uninterrupted work without twisting the pole

Smart Lock Clamps

  • Easy and quick to close with just one finger
  • Clamping mechanism that protects your materials and ensures a long service life
  • Extension stop prevents pole elements from being overextended

Integrated Hose Management

  • Internal guidance of the new, highly flexible DuroFlex hose
  • Trouble-free work
  • Complete flexibility
  • External guidance possible thanks to optional nLITE® clips

What’s the Unger single-click connection system?

Most waterpole goosenecks thread onto the brush with a fine Euro thread. This is not the best way to connect tools, because the threads can loosen as the brush is pressed against the glass while you’re working. So Unger has created their single-click connection system to give you the most secure connection available. It easily clicks on and won’t spin.

Why is this waterpole so much more expensive than an aluminum pole??

Aluminum extension poles are great for short lengths, but they’re heavy and they’re only available up to about 30 feet. Now, compare that to a pole that’s more advanced, with Unger nLITE® carbonfiber technology.

You won’t believe how much lighter and more rigid the Unger nLITE® Carbon 24K telescopic waterpole is compared to an aluminum extension pole. Just compare the 20 foot 4-section telescopic pole that weighs just over 2.5 pounds to a comparable 20 foot, 3-section aluminum pole weighing 3.5 pounds. That may not sound like much, but that’s a difference you’ll feel after working all day. The Unger nLITE® Carbon 24K modular waterpoles will also flex less, giving you more control and less fatigue from all of the extra movement.

Which style of Unger nLITE® waterpole should I choose?

There are a few different styles of Unger nLITE® waterpoles, the Unger nLITE® Carbon 24K telescopic waterpole is just one of them. Which waterpole you choose will depend on your cleaning needs.

The most important considerations are HEIGHT and BUDGET.

The Unger nLITE® Carbon 24K telescopic waterpole is 20 foot 4-section, giving you 25 feet of reach. This is a complete pole. This will allow you to clean up to 2 stories, which will cover most residential houses and some commercial buildings and storefronts.

The Unger nLITE® Carbon 24K waterpoles are the high-range of price and materials available from Unger, because they’re made of premium carbonfiber. This makes them a great pole for the highest working heights and long working hours. If you’re looking for something a little less expensive, a shorter pole in the Unger nLITE® Carbon Composite telescopic waterpoles are a good option.

What’s included with the Unger nLITE® Carbon 24K telescopic waterpole?

This product listing is JUST the waterpole.

The brush, hose, gooseneck, adapters, and accessories are sold separately.

What do I need to add to the Unger nLITE® Carbon 24K to start cleaning?

If you want to build your own waterpole kit, consider adding the items below.

Unger nLITE® Powerbrush Complete

The nLITE® Powerbrush is available in 11 or 16 inch, flagged or unflagged, this brush is outstanding to the last detail. It’s a fully optimized brush that prepares you for nearly any challenge. It features an innovative bristle technology, with inner bristles comparable to natural hair bristles and longer outer bristles for easy splay and glide. The complete brush features a rinse bar attached to the brush, to ensure even water distribution and powerful cleaning.

Unger nLITE® Angle Adapter Gooseneck

The nLITE® angle adapter gooseneck is available in 6, 16.5, or 32 inch lengths. The angle is freely adjustable and quickly fixed into place with the clamps. It attaches to the brush with a secure single-click connection.

Unger nLITE® DuroFlex Green Hose

The nLITE® DuroFlex hose comes in a length of 82 with a male quick connect attached, allowing it to easily connect to most Pure Water systems.

Pure Water system

Keep in mind this is the modular waterpole only. Choose a Pure Water system to pair up with your waterpole to clean with spot-free results. The Unger nLITE® Carbon 24K modular waterpole works best with the Unger HydroPower® Ultra DI-only system or the HydroPower® RO multi-stage system.

Why isn’t this waterpole complete with a Pure Water system?

The waterpole and the Pure Water system both have a number of options to consider. That’s why we offer them separately. They’re also available in prepackaged kits. See the related items below.

If you’d like assistance in pairing together the perfect waterpole and Pure Water system for your needs, give us a call. We’re happy to help!

Are replacement parts available?

Yes! Unger makes replacement parts for the nLITE® Carbon 24K telescopic waterpole so you can be sure of a long service life. We’ll be adding these replacement parts as they become available. Give us a call if you have trouble finding the replacement part you’re looking for.

Want to use the Unger nLITE® Carbon 24K as a TRAD pole?

You can use your Unger nLITE® waterpole with traditional window cleaning tools! It’s easy to setup. Just click on the nLITE® Classic Tool Adapter. See the related items below.

Want to use the Unger nLITE® Carbon 24K with your favorite brush?

Unger also offers an nLITE® Euro Thread Adapter. This uses the Unger single-click connection to attach to the gooseneck, then the common Euro thread to attach a brush. It works with first generation nLITE® brushes. See the related items below.

This is a 20 foot, 4-section pole.

Unger Part No. CF60T

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