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Unger nLITE® Powerbrush Flagged

Unger nLITE® Powerbrush Flagged

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Outstanding down to the last detail!

The Unger nLITE® line of brushes are designed to allow you to tackle any cleaning challenge with confidence. With the bristles spread out, water can freely flow along the glass surface. They scrub away the dirt so that the Pure Water can rinse it away—without chemicals!

The Unger nLITE® Powerbrush Complete with flagged bristles is a fully optimized brush to prepare you for nearly any cleaning challenge. The flagged bristles are softer for gentle cleaning, giving you a better glide on the glass. This brush is recommended for cleaning smaller particles and debris.

The features don’t stop there. The jets are integrated into the block for a more powerful clean. The new single-click connection system means no worrying about the brush spinning or falling off and it includes a swivel for 180 degrees of cleaning.

This product comes as a complete unit with all shown in the picture: brush, integrated nozzle block, hose with connector, and swivel lock single-click connection. It’s ready to attach to the Unger Generation 2 nLITE® waterpoles.


  • 11 or 16 inch block
  • Dual trim, flagged bristles that are softer for gentler cleaning
  • Inner bristles with extremely high cleaning performance, comparable to natural bristle
  • Longer outer bristles for easy gliding
  • Nozzle block integrated in the middle of the brush for powerful dirt removal
  • Includes hose and connector
  • Swivel lock single-click connection to swivel freely through 180 degrees

What’s the Unger single-click connection system?

Most waterpole goosenecks thread onto the brush with a fine Euro thread. This is not the best way to connect tools, because the threads can loosen as the brush is pressed against the glass while you’re working. So Unger has created their single-click connection system to give you the most secure connection available. It easily clicks on and won’t spin.

Why is the brush important for Pure Water cleaning?

The brush is the main pint of contact between you and the window. The bristles scrub the dirt off before the Pure Water can rinse it away. You want bristles that can splay out over the window for good cleaning coverage. Different shapes of brush or types of bristles can make a difference on how the brush cleans. See the related items below for other brush options.

What type of waterpole is best for this brush?

The waterpole you choose will depend more on the heights you need to work and your budget. The longer the waterpole, the higher grade material you’ll need, to make sure the waterpole is light enough and rigid enough to work at those higher heights. From lowest working height to highest, the Unger nLITE® waterpoles that would work best for you are listed below:

  • 0-28 feet: Carbon Composite
  • 0-49 feet: Carbon 24K

Each of these waterpole options are listed below in the related items. There are also waterpole kits (including the waterpole, brush, hose, gooseneck, and the necessary connectors) available as well as complete systems with a Pure Water system and a waterpole together.

Available in 11 or 16 inch.

Unger Part Nos. NFF28, NFF41

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