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Unger OmniClean Spot Kit

Unger OmniClean Spot Kit

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Start TRULY CLEANING with OmniClean today!

The Unger OmniClean system is the newest, most groundbreaking innovation in floor. OmniClean features dual bucket technology to separate clean and dirty water, ensuring the StayClean bucket is always clean. With advanced design features, the powerful scrub board removes dirt, grime, and germs from the microfiber mop pad. The horizontal wringer removes removing debris, leaving a clean mop pad!

Because the clean solution comes from the Excella™ pole with actuator, this kit only has a dirty water bucket. Scrub and clean off the dirt and debris into the dirty water bucket and keep cleaning with the fresh solution in your Excella™ bottle.

There’s also a convenient, telescopic dustpan and broom that clip to the cart for better ease of use.

You’ll never clean with dirty water again.

This kits includes the following items:

  • (1) OmniClean bucket assembly with caddy, casters, bucket with handle, carriage handle, and holders/clips for accessories
  • (1) Excella™ offset pole with actuator 5 foot, 2-section
  • (1) Excella™ small bottle 0.5L
  • (1) Excella™ large bottle 1L
  • (1) OmniClean mop pad holder
  • (2) OmniClean mop pad
  • (1) Telescopic dustpan and broom gray


  • Scrub board removes larger dirt particles from the microfiber mop pad
  • Built-in wringer agitates remaining dirt and grim
  • Isolates dirt and dirty water, providing a clean mop pad
  • Telescopic pole with adjustable height from 45 to 65 inches
  • Unique s-curved pole with auto-drive rotating grips to reduce stress and repetitive motion strain on wrists, shoulders, and waist
  • Ergonomic, rubber-coated non-slip grips
  • Built-in actuator with refillable bottles
  • 16 inch microfiber mop pad with 7mm looped pile
  • Pad includes color-coding tabs to prevent cross-contamination

Why should you choose the Unger OmniClean Spot Kit?

This kit is perfect for professionals or home owners alike, those with lots of experience or none at all. Made up of professional grade tools for long life even with heavy everyday use, this kit will last and make you look like a professional while you work.

This is a complete kit to clean floors and surfaces. Add your choice of cleaner or disinfectant and start cleaning.

What’s the Unger OmniClean system?

Single chamber mop buckets make you clean with dirty water, and string mops just aren’t efficient for cleaning. There’s a better way, the Unger OmniClean system. It sets a new standard in floor cleaning. It’s the newest groundbreaking innovation in floor care. The OmniClean system features dual bucket technology to separate the clean and dirty water, ensuring you get the best clean.

The OmniClean system removes more than 90% of dirt from the floor and isolates it in the dirty bucket, allowing you to use clean water to get the job done, leaving floors cleaner.


  • Dual bucket setup so you always mop with clean water
  • Innovative scrub board removes debris from the mop pad and isolates it in the dirty water bucket
  • Unique wringer agitates the remaining debris from the mop pad
  • Ergonomic, telescopic handle
  • Caddy with casters to easily move your bucket with you
  • Carriage handle to hold your mop handle
  • Disassembles and reassembles easily for easy fill and easy empty

There’s a better, cleaner way to TRULY CLEAN your floors with the Unger OmniClean system!

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