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Unger RestroomRx Cart System Cleaning Specialist Complete Kit (16 Quart)

Unger RestroomRx Cart System Cleaning Specialist Complete Kit (16 Quart)

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A higher level of clean!

The Unger RestroomRx cart system is the first restroom cleaning cart system designed by cleaning professionals to help them work safer, faster, and better than ever before. Comprised of three parts—an innovative restroom cart, advanced floor care tools, and best in class cleaning accessories—the RestroomRx cart system supports the entire process and improves productivity while delivering the highest level of clean.

This is the 16 quart specialist complete kit. It has a 16 quart/15 liter mop bucket, mop, and other restroom cleaning accessories on a convenient cart for easy transportation and storage.

This kit is also available with a 32 quart/30 liter option. See the related items below.

This kit includes the following items:

  • (1) RestroomRx Cleaning Cart, including vinyl trash bag, supply module, and all tool clips and holders
  • (1) SmartColor™ Dual Bucket 16qt/15L red
  • (1) Ergo TelePole 6 foot red
  • (1) SmartColor™ EZ Flat Mop Pad Holder red
  • (1) SmartColor™ Micro Mop Pad 15.0 red
  • (1) Ergo Toilet Bowl Brush Complete
  • (1) Easy Adapter Hose
  • (1) StarDuster® Pro Duster with Sleeve
  • (1) Ergo Telescopic Dustpan red
  • (1) NiftyNabber 18 inch red
  • (1) SmartColor™ Swivel Corner Brush
  • (1) SmartColor™ Swivel Brush
  • (2) ErgoTec Locking Cone Adapter red

Replacement parts for this kit are available. See the related items below.

More replacement parts (clips, holders, etc.) are also available in the Spare Parts category.

What’s the Unger RestroomRx cart system?

The best way to clean is with an efficient system, and the Unger RestroomRx cart is the first janitorial cart developed as a completely coordinated system by cleaning professionals.

Every detail is designed for ergonomics and safety. Tools stay organized and securely fastened into place while moving from job to job.

The Unger RestroomRx cart system is streamlined to enable your custodians to work faster and more productively than ever before.

  • Easy to maneuver: The handrail allows you to maneuver the cart in and out of restroom entrances quicker and easier.
  • Tool organization: Every tool in the system has a designated position on the cart. Tools are always where they need to be, and always clipped on securely.
  • Increased storage: With an expanded storage module, you’ll substantially limit trips to the supply closet.
  • Enhanced accessibility: The narrow tool tower design allows all tools to remain within the boundaries of the cart. The base of the cart also acts as a drip tray, catching excess liquid, so nothing ever drips on restroom or hallway floors.
  • Improved hygiene: The dual bucket sets the standard for cleaning efficiency and hygiene, designed to reduce cross-contamination and improve cleaning by separating the clean solution from the dirty water, reducing resoiling.

Safety, Efficiency, Cleanliness

Everyone wants to clean with greater efficiency. Unger is the first to develop a completely coordinated system that significantly improves the quality of cleaning, work safety, and productivity. A group of front line professionals who use the tools of the trade are responsible for developing the RestroomRx cart system. Every single element has been custom designed to maximize productivity and minimize inefficiency.

  • Safety
    • Tool clip system: The patented tool clip system keeps all tools securely attached while you are moving down the hall. No bending or reaching to get tools out of/off the cart.
    • Flat mops vs. string mops: Flat mops are significantly lighter and faster than traditional string mops, reducing mop-related worker injuries.
  • Efficiency
    • Storage system: The RestroomRx cart system is designed with multiple storage areas for cleaning products. This eliminates the need for return trips to the facility’s supply room.
    • Ergonomic design/maneuverability: The ergonomic handrail and narrow tool tower design allows works to push or pull the cart with ease while maneuvering in and out of restroom entrances quicker and easier.
  • Cleanliness
    • Dual-purpose design advantage: The base of the cart acts as a drip tray, catching excess liquid and eliminating drips on restroom and hallway floors.
    • On-board instructions: The RestroomRx cart system includes bilingual instructions (English/Spanish) detailing Unger’s 8-step Restroom Cleaning Process to provide the best clean for your facility.

Whether your facility requires heavy duty deep cleaning or light daily maintenance, Unger’s RestroomRx cart system gets the job done. Attain a higher level of clean with the Unger RestroomRx cart system!

Why should you choose the Unger RestroomRx cart system?

This kit is for professional cleaners who need room to carry a variety of cleaning tools over a large cleaning area. Made up of professional grade tools for long life even with heavy everyday use, this kit will last and make you look like a professional while you work.

This is a complete cart with mop, bucket, and tools. Add the disinfectant of your choice and start cleaning. Other complete kits are also available. See the related items below.

Need additional restroom cleaning tools?

See the complete listing of available restroom cleaning tools in the Restroom Cleaning category. There’s a full selection of mop pads, cloths, toilet brushes, dustpans, and more.

Still have questions?

We’re happy to help! Give us a call, and we’ll help you build your perfect kit.

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