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Unger SprayerOnABelt

Unger SprayerOnABelt

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The versatile design of the Unger SprayerOnABelt lets you carry the solution you need right with you, hands-free until you need it. The bottle holster will slip on to your belt, allowing you to remove and use just the sprayer nozzle while the solution bottle stays secure on your belt. The weight of solution is always supported by your belt instead of your arm.

The hose extends up to 3 feet from the 33 oz bottle it is attached to. It even works spraying upside-down.

This tool can be used many ways, including working seamlessly with the Unger SpeedClean Indoor Window Cleaning system. Simply moisten the microfiber pad with Pure Water from your Unger SprayerOnABelt and clean the glass.

Unger Part No. SOABG

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