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Unger TelePlus™ Aluminum Modular & Telescopic Extension Pole COMPLETE (30 Foot, 5-section)

Unger TelePlus™ Aluminum Modular & Telescopic Extension Pole COMPLETE (30 Foot, 5-section)

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SKU: U-TF900

Unger’s most versatile extension pole!

The Unger TelePlus™ Aluminum Modular & Telescopic Extension Pole COMPLETE features ribbed, drawn anodized aluminum sections for strength and a two-piece collar design with replaceable inner and outer threads. It comes with an Unger ErgoTec Locking Cone (NCAN0) with locking button that’s very versatile for attaching many different tools.

The Unger TelePlus™ Aluminum Modular & Telescopic Extension Pole COMPLETE is modular, meaning you can use as many as all five sections or as few as two, depending on the needs of your task. It’s also telescopic, meaning it can be used fully extended, fully collapsed, or anywhere in between. Each section gives you six feet of reach, for a combined length of 30 feet when fully assembled and extended.

This is our longest, shippable aluminum extension pole.

Work safely from the ground, eliminating the need for climbing or ladders!

How long is this pole?

The length of the complete Unger TelePlus™ pole is 30 feet. This is the fully EXTENDED LENGTH. The collapsed length of the complete pole is about 92 inches. Each section is 6 feet long.

What tools fit onto this pole?

The Unger ErgoTec Locking Cone (NCAN0) is the pole tip that comes on the end of the TelePlus™ pole. It attaches in three different ways:

Friction fit

The top of the pole tip is tapered. This allows you to attach tools (like most window cleaning tools) with a friction fit. Push the tool’s handle onto the pole tip and give it a twist while pushing it on. This will give a firm connection that stays in place and is easy to remove with a simple pull and twist.

Standard ACME thread

Many dusters use this common, wide thread that’s on the very end of the pole tip.

Locking button

The ErgoTec locking button works with some Unger tools. Tools with a lock icon them and with “ErgoTec” in the name will lock on.

NOTE: The locking button on the Unger ErgoTec Locking Cone is specific to Unger tools. For other brands, you’ll want to use the friction fit or ACME thread option, depending on the tool.


BONUS ATTACHMENT! This attachment option actually involves REMOVING the Unger ErgoTec Locking Cone (NCAN0). Some Unger tools (like light bulb tools and the Unger Cranked Joint Angle Adapter) require removing the pole tip and clicking the tool directly onto the aluminum end of the pole.

Are replacement parts available for this pole?

Yes! All parts of the Unger TelePlus™ pole are replaceable. The most common replacement pieces are listed below:

  • Unger ErgoTec Locking Cone Adapter (NCAN0)
  • Single Stone inner threads (10950)
  • Double Stone inner threads (10958)
  • Section 2 outer collar (10956)
  • Section 3 outer collar (10949)
  • Section 4 outer collar (10952)
  • Section 5 outer collar (10953)
  • Section 2 grip (13764)
  • Section 3 grip (13765)
  • Section 4 grip (13766)
  • Section 5 grip (10954)

You can find these pieces listed in the related items at the bottom of the page.

Replacement aluminum sections are also available. You can also purchase the Unger TelePlus™ pole as just a 2-section, 3-section, or 4-section pole. Then it can be added onto at any time.

NOTE: On the complete Unger TelePlus™ pole, there are (8) single stones and (1) double stone. The double stone goes between the two smallest sections, #1 and #2.

What if I can’t get the right cleaning angle? What if I need to reach into a small ledge?

If you need a little room for adjustment while you’re working up high, try the Unger Cranked Joint Angle Adapter. It’s available in either nylon or zinc and is designed specifically to work with the Unger TelePlus™ pole. You can find it listed in the related items at the bottom of the page. Adjust and lock the adapter in place to nearly any angle, and it will give you a little extra reach to clean all the way to the bottom of windows with ledges.

Can I add-on to this pole and make it longer?

Unger TelePlus™ Aluminum Modular & Telescopic Extension Pole COMPLETE cannot be added onto over 30 feet.

If you’re looking for a pole longer than 30 feet, you’ll want to take a look at the options in our waterfed poles (or waterpoles). These waterpoles come in different materials that are stronger, more rigid, and lighter weight than aluminum poles. There are adapters available to make them work with traditional cleaning tools.

Unger Part No. TF900

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