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Unger VisaVersa Complete Squeegee & Washer Combination Tool

Unger VisaVersa Complete Squeegee & Washer Combination Tool

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Time-saving performance without changing tools!

The Unger VisaVersa is a time-saving, modular two-in-one combination squeegee and washer. All of the pieces on the Unger VisaVersa come apart and are replaceable. It’s made of sturdy materials for long-life even with everyday use.

Use the Unger VisaVersa by hand or on a pole. It locks onto the Unger ErgoTec Locking Cone pole tip for a fit that won’t come loose while you’re working.

This product comes as a complete unit with all shown in the picture: A complete squeegee with rubber, a washer sleeve and t-bar, and a combination handle.


  • Two-in-one squeegee and washer
  • Pre-assembled
  • Complete with the “S” Channel, ErgoTec soft rubber, and Original StripWasher sleeve
  • Channel and rubber are easy to attach, remove, and change with a quick-release spring
  • Works with the locking button on the Unger ErgoTec Locking Cone pole tip

What comes with the Unger VisaVersa?

The Unger VisaVersa is a washer and squeegee in one, and it comes with the following parts:

Unger Stainless Steel “S” Channel

The popular Unger “S” Channel is sturdy and stiff stainless steel for flawless cleaning when paired with the ErgoTec soft rubber. It features no squeegee clips. The rubber is held in by the teeth on the bottom of the VisaVersa squeegee head.

Unger Original StripWasher Sleeve

The Unger Original StripWasher sleeve is made of white plush, woven synthetic fabric with hook and loop fastening. The reinforced zigzag stitched ends ensure long life. It’s excellent for cleaning windows and screens or for dusting. It holds lots of water when paired with the vented modular t-bar of the Unger VisaVersa, meaning less trips back to your bucket.

Complete VisaVersa Handle, Squeegee Head, and Modular T-bar

Sturdy nylon and metal make up the handle and body of the Unger VisaVersa. All of the pieces of the Unger VisaVersa are replaceable if they get lost or broken.

Available in 10, 14, and 18 inch.

Unger Part Nos. VP250, VP350, VP450

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