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Unger Ultimate Ninja Kit

Unger Ultimate Ninja Kit

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Our Exclusive Ninja Window Cleaning Kit!

Professionals trust Unger because they’ve been delivering on their promise of Quality Tools for Smart Cleaning for over 50 years. Their tools are second to none. The Unger Ninja line of products is a favorite of our window cleaners for this very reason.

That’s why we built the Unger Ultimate Ninja Kit!

You’ll get the tools you need to clean all types of windows. Find out why Ninjas clean faster!

What Comes In The Ultimate Ninja Kit?

There’s a complete set of Unger Ninja tools included in this kit.

  • (1) Ninja Squeegee Handle
  • (1) 8 Inch Ninja Channel
  • (1) 14 Inch Ninja Channel
  • (1) 18 Inch Ninja Channel
  • (1) 14 Inch Ninja Strip Washer Complete
  • (1) 18 Inch Ninja Strip Washer Complete
  • (1) ErgoTec Belt
  • (1) Ninja Bucket on a Belt
  • (2) 16x16 Inch Ninja MicroWipe
  • (1) 6 Inch Ninja Scraper w/Holster

So Why Should You Choose The Ultimate Ninja Kit?

This kit is perfect for professionals or home owners alike, those with lots of experience or none at all. Made up of professional grade tools for long life even with heavy everyday use, this kit will last and make you look like a professional while you work.

There are even more reasons to choose this kit…

The Ultimate Ninja Kit Includes Multiple Sizes Of High Quality Squeegees.

The Unger Ninja squeegee is made of high quality aircraft aluminum. So it’s lightweight and won’t flex, making it great at any length, long or short. The handle swivels and has a button to lock it in the straight position. It also has a quick release to make changing channels quick and easy. With 8, 14, and 18 inch channels, you’ll be able to clean most sizes of window with the fewest amount of passes. The Unger Ninja squeegee handle locks onto an Unger ErgoTec Locking Cone pole tip for a firm attachment that won’t fall off.

It Also Includes Multiple Sizes Of Washers With Great Scrubbing Power.

The Unger Ninja washer sleeve is made of absorbent microfiber, with more scrubbing power than normal sleeves and scrub pads on both ends. The t-bar handle swivels and has a button to lock it in the straight position. The Unger Ninja t-bar handle locks onto an Unger ErgoTec Locking Cone pole tip for a firm attachment that won’t fall off.

Build A Belt System To Keep Your Tools Close At Hand.

The Unger ErgoTec belt is padded for comfort and adjusts to fit waists up to 50 inches. It has a sturdy closure and four metal loops to attach tools with a lanyard for safety when working at heights. The Ninja bucket on a belt holds a safety scraper, one squeegee, and one washer, and is the only bucket on a belt available made specifically to fit thick channels squeegees like the Ninja. There’s also a holster for your Ninja scraper. This is a solid, durable holster is designed to hold the scraper without the scraper cover for quick but safe use and storage.

Dry Sills And Edges With Quality, Lint-Free Microfiber Towels.

The Unger Ninja MicroWipe towel is streak-free and lint-free. They have both smooth and textured areas depending on whether your just drying corners or need an extra bit of scrubbing power. It also features a pocket on the corner to slip it over the tip of a pole to dry high corners.

Be sure not to wash these or your washer sleeves in a machine that uses fabric softener, because that can cause them to leave streaks. Don’t wash them with other towels, like bath towels, either. Most towels wash up best in the sink with some dish soap or a little bit of vinegar.

Power Through Stuck On Stuff With The Ninja Scraper.

Is your washer just not getting all of the stuck on stuff off the window? The Unger Ninja scraper is 6 inches with a dual-sided blade for twice the life. It features an adjustable angle, so this scraper works well by hand or on a pole.

This scraper is super sharp. Make sure to always use it in a straight, forward motion, and always test glass in a small area before use. Never use window scrapers on tempered glass or glass with tint.

This kit is easy to expand too...

Need Soap?

Unger’s EasyGlide glass cleaner is a concentrated liquid soap formulated specifically for cleaning windows. So it will make your squeegee glide and leave no residue. It smells great too. See the related items below to add this to your kit.

Need A Bucket?

The Unger 6 gallon Pro Bucket is sturdy with a high quality handle for long life. It will easily fit either the 10 or 18 inch washer in one dip. You can add one to your kit from the related items below.

Need A Longer Squeegee?

The Unger Ninja squeegee works great at longer lengths too. Add a Ninja squeegee channel up to 36 inches to your kit from the related items below.

Need A Pole?

If you want to avoid getting on a ladder or don’t have the option because of obstacles between you and the window, you can add an Unger extension pole to your kit. They have a variety of poles available, from the 2 foot Henry’s Handi Handle, to the 30 foot TelePlus Pole, and even an 8 foot carbonfiber Ninja Transformer Pole. All of these options include an Unger ErgoTec Locking Cone pole tip to lock on all of you Ninja tools. Check them out in the related items below.

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